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Webinar – Using Typemock Isolator to Speed Up the Development of SharePoint Web Parts

Many Web Parts in SharePoint render for capture data that is stored in a SharePoint list. This means that to test the Web Part you have to load the Web Part within a SharePoint server. ...

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SharePoint Roundup

There are many SharePoint users who write unit tests with Isolator. Learn more about unit testing with Isolator with the following posts from Typemock fans. If you have other interesting articles you’ve read about Isolator, ...

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3 Days of Isolator Giveaways

We’re as thrilled about NDC 2010 as you are. There has already been some great sessions on testing today. From Richard Fennell’s “Putting Some Testing Into Your TFS Build” and “Making Manual Testing a Part ...

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When should I use IDD? By Gil Zilberfeld @Typemock

Whenever you feel you’re wasting your time. Ok that covers a lot. Where do you start? Much like any optimization, you start where the bottleneck is. Note that we’re trying to make people more productive, ...

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And suddenly, there was IDD. By Gil Zilberfeld

I met Richard Fennell face-to-face at The Typemock Partner Academy. In the morning, we had a nice discussion about what motivates developers, and later at the Academy he gave his presentation about how Typemock Isolator ...

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