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All your bases belong to us part 2- Verifying Called

We saw in part 1 how to change the behavior of ‘hidden’ base methods.To verify that a base method was called, in the coming isolator 8.1 we have added a new API OnBase(). For example: ...

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All your bases belong to us part 1- Changing Behavior

Handling ‘hidden’ base methods is tricky when testing components.A ‘hidden’ base is a virtual method that has an overridden implementation. In isolator 8.1 we have added a new API OnBase() to help in these situations. ...

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Isolator++ Now Supports x64 bit!

Isolator++ gets a lot of attention these days, especially since we’ve added x64 bit support. One of the feature requests we got was for an API for faking private static methods, while simulating a returned-by-reference parameter. While I ...

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Introduction to Mocking: How to Test Dependencies & Legacy Code

October 15, 2012 at 8:00 AM PDT (i.e. California), 11:00 US ET, 16:00 United Kingdom, 20:30 India Discover why you should start unit testing, and how you can get started with automated tests quickly. You ...

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How To Mock C Functions with Isolator++

Do you know the TIOBE survey? Every month it shows the usage of programming languages world wide. And coming in in first place this month is… C! That’s right. There’s so much development still being ...

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The Opposite of Mocking

Let me tell you a secret. I don’t like the word “mocking”. Why? Because “mocking” refers to the tools we use, rather than what we want to achieve, which is isolation. However, I’ve decided to ...

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