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Automated Testing of ASP.NET MVC Applications

** Isolator is our DeLorean DMC-12 to your inner Marty McFly – Give it a (unit)-test drive now ** The following article was originally printed in Methods & Tools Introduction For many years the developers who practiced Unit ...

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Test ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Testing web applications has been virtually impossible. And the cost? Bugs, security flaws and hacking, and just tons of bad code. With everything running on the web today, this just can’t go on. Attend this ...

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Better support for ASP.NET MVC

Check out the latest news from Typemock:   Typemock’s Isolator™ Unit Testing Solution Is Now Available for ASP.NET MVC Developers writing ASP .NET MVC code can now be agile and unit test easily with Typemock ...

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Ivonna 2.1.7 is out

Ivonna 2.1.7 is out. Ivonna is an add in for ASP.NET testing. This latest version restores compatibility with Typemock Isolator and .NET 4.0 sites. It also introduces two methods (session.Get and session.Post) for MVC testing ...

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Typemock Summer Sale

There are many things that make a summer: sea, sun, cocktails. Everything you see in that logo up there. But this summer, we give you something way cooler (pun intended). The Typemock Summer Sale 2010 ...

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