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Power up your build

As powershell keeps gaining popularity in the Microsoft world, it’s became a common task to define the build process in a PS scripts. One example for such use is in the new vNext scriptable build. ...

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Auto Deploy Typemock Isolator

In the latest Isolator version (6.0.0) we improved an old feature – The Auto deploy. In the past you had to install the Isolator at least once on the target machine in order to auto ...

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Important Typemock Isolator Assemblies

Mads Nissen had an issue with Typemock Isolator and Gallio integration He was kind enough to let us work with him and solve the problem. Thanks Mads! In his blog post mentioned above he says: ...

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Racer Nightly builds available

If you’re reading this blog and somehow don’t know what is Typemock Racer you can read about it here.   Since the release of Typemock Racer alpha version our development team added several new features ...

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Funny first experience: The naughty CD ROM build breaker

I wanted to share a funny story that happened to us in the office today: I’m a new developer for the Typemock team, and after running all unit tests locally, going through peer code review ...

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