Code Quality

Insights – Get to know your fakes part 4- Pointers

This is part 4 of a series of post about the new Insights feature in Typemock Isolator 8.1 To start Insights – either debug your test or turn on the Insights (Typemock->Windows->Typemock Insight and click ...

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How to Master TDD and Become a Star Developer

Test-driven development (TDD) is not something that happens “by accident”.  Sure, at first the idea might seem simple enough (theory always is…) – but real-life implementation could take considerable time. TDD’s learning curve has very few ...

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Apparently, Grumpy Cat is Not Unit Testing!

You can relate? Learn how to turn this around! Free Webinar: Master TDD and Become a Star Developer – Watch it now! 

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Code Quality is the Responsibility of C-level Execs; Not Just the Developer’s!

Dear developer, Are you pressured to write amazing code in zero time with no bugs? Does it feel like a “set to fail” situation with every new action item? Rest assured it’s the same in every ...

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