Four things that blew my mind with “Typemock Isolator”

Four things that blew my mind with “Typemock Isolator”

I just started working at Typemock a few months ago and the company decided that we need to take a hour a week to write about our experience or about anything but is has to be about the company. Believe it or not I actually like writing and not only code. So yeah… I decided to write about the “Typemock Isolator”. I know, I know… it sounds like I’m sucking up but really I am amazed at what it does…

I’d like to share with you features that really blew my mind with the  “Isolator” recently.

My favorite tiny red shield

Under every test method, there is this tiny red shield, clicking on it gives you a list of all tests that are covering this method.
So, after changing the method, you can run exactly the same test, that you covering with that method before.
Awesome, right?!

Typemocks tiny red shield

Automatic testing

Tests are automatically run, when the computer is idle. Seriously changed my setting because of this at work. Kind of gives me an excuse to get up all the time ;)
You just go to make a cup of coffee, come back and BOOM all your tests ran themselves!
This first happened to me after a game of Foosball, I was like who touch my computer??? An the CEO said nobody The Isolator does that when the comp is idled! My jaw dropped for a second .

No debugging needed

If you run a test, that throws an exception, you can observe the Stack Trace, pressing the shield near the test.
There is no need to debug the test, in order to understand, where it crashes!

no debugging needed

No refactoring at all!

But the coolest feature, that still excites me the most, is that you don’t need to make ANY CHANGES in your source code, in order to test it!
For example, if you want to create a Mock or Stub with open source mocking frameworks, you just need to refactor your source code (since open sources works with interfaces only).
I always tried to write Unit-Tests for my code, but I have never liked it too much because of the refactoring, that makes the source code much less readable.
With “Typemock Isolator”, you are not forced to touch your source code at all!

So yeah this might seem like I’m kissing someone’s ass. The truth is, the Isolator works, it works really well and it keeps blowing my mind every time I learn what it does.