Test the Untestable! We Dare You Not To!

Eli Lopian - Typemock FounderDon’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading unit testing expert!

Typemock founder & CEO Eli Lopian hosts a special webinar on how to test legacy code with ease and elegance. 

Did you know that legacy code maintenance is the #1 problem for developers. This is what they reported: 
  • Working on the code base feels like walking through a minefield
  • Creating new bugs with every change introduced into the legacy code
  • Finding it impossible to test legacy code without risky refactoring efforts
  • Wishing they had unit tests on the code, so it’ll be easier to understand
Discover what thousands of leading developers already know and practice successfully! 
Legacy code does not have to be a nightmare. With unit testing, you can easily introduce changes to legacy code, eliminate risky refactoring, reduce new bugs, and improve the overall quality of the code base. 
Invest 60 minutes of your time – and you will save days of fighting legacy code. LEARN how to: 
* Escape the death spiral of testing legacy code 
* Write effective unit tests
* Eliminate risky refactoring 
* Shorten debugging process 
* Introduce new changes to old legacy code – safely (LIVE DEMO)
Watch it now, right here