Programmers are People Too! (I Know! I Dated A Lot of Them!)

That's me.

Being a marketing manager for over a decade now, I’ve grown accustomed to having programmers look at me as if I were an alien. 

Smooth-talking, suit-wearing, BS-spreading, shamelessly-self-promoting, ego-crazy… I’ve noticed that most developers have zero-tolerance for marketing & sales people. And I have tried to earn their respect by keeping it as real as possible. 

It actually made me a better marketer (I hope): no trending acronyms, no cheerleader antics, no empty promises. More listening – less talking (hey, respect! It’s really hard for marketing people to shut up!). 

And I’ve learned to enjoy developers’ crazy humour, intense logic and no-nonsense reasoning. Even dated many programmers over the years (by the way: they always left me for hotter chicks, so shame on you… but another sign of that good-reasoning mind I mentioned before… Damn!). 

And yes – I’m always looking for better ways to get Typemock’s message across to you, simply because I truly believe unit testing does make a difference: improves code quality, reduces bugs and helps companies achieve their business goals – faster. This is the feedback we get from our customers, and even-though I’m not a programmer – I know a good thing when I see it

Marketing success is often elusive, especially in high-tech, so even if  I do one thing right this year to make you listen to us – really listen – then I’ll be happy. It’s really hard to get your attention, dear developers, and you should be proud of it. 

Here is a link to an article I like, from “Entrepreneur Handbook” about how to work effectively with developers - feel free to share this post and the article with your marketing colleagues. 

And if you have some advise on how to get developers’ attention – I’d love to hear about it! Share it with me in the comments box below. 

I’ll finish off by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! 

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