Isolator 7.3 Released!

Isolator 7.3 Released!


It’s been a while now. And we have good reasons. Some of you already know: Microsoft issued an update, and suddenly all your tests are failing. Ours too, by the way.

Most of our work recently was directed at resolving this issue. And thanks to your patience and feedback, we’ve got this resolved. Isolator 7.3 is all about that.

…and other stuff as well.

With Isolator 7.3 we’ve got a better, faster, smarter runner. The feedback we got helped us build a better UI, replacing the ol’ dashboard with a new Test Navigator window. No more blocking the view. We’ve added some performance enhancements and support for MS-Test deployment items. We got features we discovered we need, such as a re-debug last test short cut. Very useful productive stuff.

UIIt’s not perfect, but like the New  Kids On The Block have said before me: Step by step.

We’ve got some new APIs requested by customers, like Isolate.NonPublic.WhenCalled(…).AssignRefOut(…) which (wait for it…) helps with faking non-public methods with ref and out parameters.

We also added a new set of APIs for future objects, trying to clear out some confusion that was there from the beginning: Isolate.Fake.NextInstance and Isolate.Fake.AllInstances are the way to go from now on. We kept the old Isolatoe.Swap APIs for backward compatibility, but these feel clearer to us – what do you think?

We’ve got also more fixes, better performance and stability. One pesky one is the (returned) ability to actually set the next statement while debugging when mocking is enabled. Welcome back, we’ve missed you!

We also have improved integration with NCrunch. Plus VS 2012 coverage linking is now implicit – you don’t need to go through the manual linking, it just works out of the grey box.

I’ll be posting more about the new stuff soon in more details. In the meantime, now go download the new version!