10 Benefits of Unit Testing

Some Benefits of Unit Testing:

1. Unit Testing reduces the level of bugs in production code.
2. Unit Testing saves you development time.
3. Automated tests can be run as frequently as required.
4. Unit Testing makes it easier to change and refactor code.
5. Unit Testing can improve the design of code especially with Test-Driven Development.
6. Unit Tests are a form of documentation.
7. Unit Testing forces you to confront the problem head on.
8. Unit Testing inspires confidence!
9. Unit Tests are a measure of completion.
10. Unit Testing is FUN!

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  • http://www.daedtech.com/blog Erik Dietrich

    Unit tests help me break tasks into manageable chunks.  It’s easy to start thinking on the module or class level and tripping over yourself trying to implement everything at once before running/testing (or even compiling).  With TDD, you’re forced out of that mindset.  You can only focus on the next simple, incremental functionality you want to add and thus problem you want to solve.