Webinar: Creating Change from Within: Getting Your Team to Unit Test

Faced with management that do not care about “being agile” and unit testing what can a single developer do? Quite a lot!

Every developer has the power to improve the organization he works in in small iterative steps – and we can show you how to get your organization to start unit testing.

If you want to make the change and don’t know where to start – look no further, in this session One of our industry experts will share his experience and show a few tips and tricks.



• Influencing people without formal authority.
• Helping your team to embrace unit testing and TDD.
• How to start unit testing from scratch.
• Teaching your team to write good tests.
• Making a change without disrupting the daily routine
• Working with teams that do not yet unit test

When: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT, 3:00 PM Eastern US, 20:00 United Kingdom

To sign up: http://j.mp/Tih0eC

  • Patrice Calvé

    Will this Webinar be recorded and available for later view?

    • typemock

      The webinar link is now available on demand! Check it out - http://www.typemock.com/getting-your-team-to-unit-test-webinar

  • typemock

    Yes, if you sign up for the webinar we will email you the link
    when it is available.

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