Isolator 7.0.9 Released: Now with VS 2012 Support

Time for another release. The big news for this one is the support for Visual Studio 2012. The UI is a bit more colorful than the usual grey you get with the new VS, but I’m sure you won’t hold it against us.

In addition to the the 2012 support, we’ve got a few more fixes, as we always do:


  • Coverage shields are displayed correctly on overloads differ only in generic parameter.
  • Fixed a refresh problem with Auto-Runner shields.


  • A case was identified when running with very low permissions, the test would fail. Tests now run as expected.
  • Fixed sequencing of static methods on generic types.
  • Fixed a behavior issue when the same faked method was called on different threads.

Improved error messages:

  • Improved error message when incorrectly using WhenCalled on property setters.
  • Improved error message when verifying method call on non-faked instance.

Another note for VS2012: The installation takes a couple more minutes when installing the VS2012 components. The installation requires some VS setup that takes its toll. We’ve decided to get this version out, and don’t wait before trying to get this improved.

Go download it now!