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Webinar: Creating Change from Within: Getting Your Team to Unit Test

Faced with management that do not care about “being agile” and unit testing what can a single developer do? Quite a lot! Every developer has the power to improve the organization he works in in ...

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How do you start unit testing/TDD when it hasn’t been done before

Many developers know the benefits of unit testing and test driven development. Industry associations, such as the Futures Industry, recommend unit testing as part of a comprehensive software testing program. But, even though you may ...

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The Test You Regret: The Check-It-All

Sometimes, we get lazy. Or mask it under “productivity” or even “DRY”. We’ve already got a passing test, we look at it, and we say: for my next test, I’ll need the same “Arrange” and ...

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The Test You Regret: AA Tests

I was thinking: Why not post about test anti-patterns? Then, after I got this cool title, I knew I couldn’t pass this up. Tests, like everything in life, have both patterns and anti-patterns. Anti-patterns are ...

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Isolator 7.0.9 Released: Now with VS 2012 Support

Time for another release. The big news for this one is the support for Visual Studio 2012. The UI is a bit more colorful than the usual grey you get with the new VS, but ...

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Webinar: Introduction to Unit Testing

Unit testing is all the rage and more and more teams are beginning to unit test. But it’s difficult to start. In order to prevent bugs and release quality code to market, you also need ...

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