Isolator 7.0.7 is out

New Features

  • New wizard for upgrading/setting up references to Typemock assemblies in all projects in a solution. Typemock menu->Fix References…
  • To help with auto deploy on servers, we create a complete AutoDeploy  folder with all required assemblies under the install directory
  • Added support to StreamReader from mscorlib

General fixes

  • Only required assemblies are shown when choosing add references to Typemock assemblies from the .NET tab .
  • Major performance improvement in Auto Runner initialization for large solutions
  • Tests execution with Auto-Runner is now much faster
  • Fixed bug where faked types called static constructor without any reason
  • Side by side with V6 now works when running tests in command line with shadow copy (This happens when using deployment items and coverage)
  • Invalid program exception fix, in rare cases of WCF services faking


Check it out. Download it now.