Spending too much time debugging

We all hate debugging software and fixing bugs. But apparently some of us are spending several hours each day debugging and fixing software bugs.

Software bugs are something that we all have to deal with, right? This has been the convention wisdom for decades. As one person wrote “Debugging is part of coding.” But it’s just not true!

In a question that I posed on LinkedIn “How much time do you spend debugging,” I received several interesting answers. One person wrote: “I wouldn’t like to say how much time I’m debugging… it’s a lot and yes that bothers me! Probably upwards of 50% of my time is spent trying to figure out why something isn’t doing what’s expected.”
Hour Glass
Another said that “About 1 hour of my 8 hour work day is spent debugging.” Doesn’t sound like a lot? That’s 12% of your day. At least you’re not this other person who wrote that “I can spend … up to my entire working day resolving issues and getting things working again.” Of course, it’s also about how you define debugging and fixing errors in your code base. One person wrote, “I know this not not the best practice, but I belong to the old school “trial and error”, hence, I shall summarise by saying nearly 99% of my time is about debugging.”

Tools and techniques can help us spend less time pinpointing errors in our codebase. As one person wrote, “The better debugging techniques you have, the more time you save.”

My favorite answer to the question of how much time you spent debugging was very clear: “TOO MUCH TIME!”

Don’t you wish you could find and pinpoint the exact location of the bug immediately, as you’re coding? Now you can.