Isolator V7 Released!

Yes! It’s out! And you can download it right now from the site.

So what have we got for you this time?

  • New auto-runner, running the relevant tests automatically on every build. The auto-runner intelligently separates the quick unit tests from the long-running tests to get you the most immediate feedback.

V7 - Potential Bugs Zoom

  • The Failed-Test analyzer helps you find the bugs quickly. It knows what production code changes failed the tests, so you can get there in a click. Once there, you can see which tests pass and which fail and why, giving you all the information to solve the bug.  Experimenting on our team (we do that sometimes), they say that Isolator finds the bugs for them!

V7 - Debug Tests

  • Visual code coverage, you can see on your code what tests cover it. As we’ve learned from experimenting on our own developers, seeing missing shields, actually compells them to write tests for un-covered code. It’s amazing!

The very powerful mocking framework got even more powerful

  • Version compatibility from version 5.3.2 and on. This allows to run tests with different versions of Isolator on the same machine without hassle
  • New mocking capabilities:
    • Isolate.Invoke.StaticConstructor<> : To invoke that static constructor when you actually need it.
    • Isolate.Fake.Dependencies<> and Isolate.GetFakes: Create an isolated object, by faking the dependencies in the constructor implicitly. Not only a time-saver, since you don’t need to set up all the dependencies yourself, this is also making the test more robust, since it doesn’t really suffer from changes it doesn’t know about
    • Isolate.Swap.NextInstance<>.WithRecursiveFake: Create a fake future object in one line, instead of two.
    • More supported MSCorLib types: File, FileStream and Environment
  • Support linking with the latest JetBrains dotCover and dotTrace tools.
  • A Microsoft TFS activity for build server integration

And bug fixes galore, too!

But don’t take my word for it (if you know me, well, that goes without saying).

See for yourself, download it right now. And, to hear more, join me in the webinar we’re doing next week for the launch.

  • Settlersan

    Our 700+ test now applying x3 time slower :( With version 6.2.2 all all test has passed with 5 mins. Now up to 15 mins :(