Webinar: Test Dependencies & Legacy Code

When: Wednesday, January 11 at 10:00 AM ET, 15:00 GMT (UK), 20:30 PM IST (India)

You may have already started unit testing or at least understand the basics. But there’s one large obstacle that stands in your way: dependencies. Most code was not written to be easy to test. How can you test dependencies? Join this webinar and learn different methods and tools that help create real unit tests.


  • Why you are writing legacy code
  • Hand rolled mocks
  • Mocking frameworks
  • What makes a good unit test

You may also win a free Isolator license including 1 license exclusively available via Twitter.

Limited seats are still available – Sign Up Now: http://www.typemock.com/test-legacy-code-january

  • Ryan Guthrie

    I missed the webinar (Timezone difference got me). Is it available online anywhere?