Top 11 Unit Testing Articles in 2011

Typemock’s done a lot in 2011 and we have a lot more to do in 2012 to bring you the best unit testing tools for .NET and C++. We have big plans to redefine unit testing to reduce defects in your code, early in the process, and let you deliver high quality innovation.

In the meantime, though, check out these Top 11 articles for 2011.



11. How do you start Unit Testing? Discover the essential steps to begin unit testing!

10. Are you in the Unit Testing Death Spiral of Doom?

9. Use MSTest? Discover how to check exception messages.

8. Are your tests effective? Here are 3 signs that your tests aren’t doing their job.

7. What does Uncle Bob have to say? Listen to Typemock’s interview with him!

6. Life imitates Dilbert. Does your Agile team look like it’s straight out of Dilbert?

5. Developer testing is highly recommended but it’s not just unit testing. Sometimes one type of test is appropriate and sometimes another. What’s the difference between unit testing and integration testing?

4. SharePoint Dev? Join the community. Here are 10 Resources for SharePoint Developers.

3. Agile turned 10. And, like any pre-teen, it has its growing pains. Agile Development is Broken. How can we fix it?

2. On the 12 Days of Christmas, Santa gave me BUGS! What are the 12 bugs of Christmas?

1. And, of course, our most popular post answers the most important question: why unit testing. Discover 10 Reasons to Write Unit Tests

What do you want to see in 2012?


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