Happy Holidays from Typemock

Typemock would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays free of bug free code!

During this long holiday weekend or if you’re off work all next week, why not spend some time improving your skills? Perhaps some pair programming with your family or friends?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Download Isolator.NET or Isolator++ (for Windows or Linux) and start unit testing. You can download Isolator for free and your tests will run even after the trial ends.
  2. Watch our webinars – We have webinars on any topic that you want, whether fighting legacy code, Agile development, Testing SharePoint or ASP.NET MVC code, or more. Something missing? Leave us a comment.
  3. Ask or answer a question on the forum. We promise, we’ll be around!
  4. Read The Art of Unit Testing. You can get a free chapter here.