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10 Reasons to Write Unit Tests

  ** Write your first unit test in 8 easy-to-follow steps! First step is: watch this webinar: 7 steps to writing your first unit test ** I came across this great list of 10 reasons ...

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Test ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

Testing web applications has been virtually impossible. And the cost? Bugs, security flaws and hacking, and just tons of bad code. With everything running on the web today, this just can’t go on. Attend this ...

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Gil Zilberfeld interviews Uncle Bob Martin

An oldie but a goodie, watch Typemock’s Gil Zilberfeld interviews Uncle Bob, Robert C. Martin! What do you think? How have things changed? And what should we ask Uncle Bob next? Part 1 Part 2 ...

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Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Better Unit Testing

Missed last Thursday’s webinar? Don’t worry, you can still watch it and learn how Typemock Isolator can help you mock the unmockable. Watch it here: Download Isolator here.

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Are you a professional developer?

“A true professional does not waste the time and money of other people by handing over software that is not reasonably free of obvious bugs; that has not undergone minimal unit testing; that does not ...

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Write Tests That Don’t Break

Join our webinar: Tips & Tricks for Unit Testing with Typemock Isolator Finding unit testing difficult to start? Want to learn how to mock the unmockable and test brownfield code? Have code that is slowing ...

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