Webinar – Using Typemock Isolator to Speed Up the Development of SharePoint Web Parts

Richard FennellMany Web Parts in SharePoint render for capture data that is stored in a SharePoint list. This means that to test the Web Part you have to load the Web Part within a SharePoint server.

During this webinar, Richard Fennell will show how you can use Typemock Isolator to allow the development and testing of your Web Part without the need to keep redeploying it to SharePoint to check every minor change.

How: Register at http://www.typemock.com/sharepoint-web-parts

When: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time: 10:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM UK

What do I get? The chance to learn about unit testing in SharePoint and you may also win a license of Typemock Isolator or a Typemock t-shirt.


Richard has also posted some ideas and suggestions for Using Typemock Isolator to allow Web Part development without a SharePoint server on his blog