Vancouver Agile TDD User Group

The Vancouver Agile Software Development Group is doing a series of events on TDD. The latest is “Start a study group on agile TDD."

According to the group:

Marius has showed me how different REAL TDD is from what I though it was. It is not unit testing, it is not writing tests for hours and hours.

He showed me how done correctly, TDD can result in code that is 5 times faster to develop and 10 times easier to maintain and change. He also showed me how HARD it is to learn to do TDD the right way.

So I got some material and am starting to learn. Any one interested can join. We will have weekly meetings just like last year. May be, if his time permits, Marius and / or other gurus in the group will also drop by and give us a hint from time to time.

This will take place in Vancouver on Thursday, July 26.

The event is full but you can join the waitlist. To register:

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