C++ Unit Testing Roundup

Can you believe that Typemock launched Isolator++ for unit testing in C++ only in October?
If you haven’t had a chance to try it out, download it now.
Want to learn more? Check out the posts and other resources we’ve written and resources about unit testing in C++.

Isolator++ can now fake every class, without you touching your production code.
C/C++ is the language of choice for nearly 20% of code out there. Critical systems – medical, automobile, military, avionics – are all written in C/C++ because that’s the language of real-time performance. Those systems require the highest level of unit testing, and Typemock now helps take testing those systems to another level. If you write critical applications, now you can test them and provide the highest coverage of the code by tests.
What are your favorite resources? Have you written anything about C++ or Isolator++? Share it with us and with the user community.
Haven’t yet tried Isolator++? Download it now!