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Thanks! Danke!

The following post is from Adi Beker, Typemock’s Senior Customer Liaison. Adi accompanied Typemock’s Product Manager Gil Zilberfeld to the Advanced Developers Conference in Munich, Germany, where Gil was a featured speaker. Last week I ...

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Isolator 6.0.7 is out

At Typemock, we are always improving our unit testing tools and are especially proud of Isolator, our solution for conducting unit tests with the .NET Framework. We have just released a new version, Isolator 6.0.7, ...

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New Release of Isolator++ for C++ developers

At Typemock, we are always improving our unit testing tools. Several months ago, we released the first version of Isolator++, a mocking framework for C++ developers. Isolator++ has helped C++ programmers test even the most ...

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Typemock comes to Germany

Typemock’s own Gil Zilberfeld will be speaking in Munich at the Advanced Developers Conference. This year’s theme is software testing. This conference will discuss high level concepts in software tests, focusing on automated testing. Gil ...

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Getting Started with Agile

Getting started with Agile Development is something that many software developers and companies have difficulty implementing. Typemock’s Gil Zilberfeld explains how to take steps right now toward agile-hood. This is not a technical presentation, rather ...

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Unit Testing in C++

Want to get started unit testing in C++? In this webinar, Gil Zilberfeld discusses the first steps of how to unit test in C++ and how Typemock Isolator can help this process. Unit Testing First ...

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