Agile, .NET or C++ User Groups Can Win One Year of Sponsorship + Product Licenses and More

Typemock is running a big end of year contest for user groups with lots of great prizes. The giveaway is a ‘New Year’s Agile Care Package’ that includes a grand prize of one full year of sponsorship plus Typemock Software License(s), Book ‘Art of Unit Testing’, Agile Calendar, and T-shirts.

Rules are simple: group members download a free trial of Typemock Isolator, and post a product review or a story about their Agile experience. The more downloads and posts from the group, the more points they get, and the group with the most points wins. Start to get the word out to everyone in your group and it might be your group walking away with all the goodies. Contest rules can be found on the Typemock site

Join now!