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Isolator++ 1.1 Released

Time for another release, And this one, has a few power punches. With the newly Introduced RET macro, Isolator can now fake a ref argument, actually returning it as the method returns. So if you ...

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How To: Fake an Abstract Class with Isolator++

When you declare an abstract class in C++, it looks like this: class AbstractClass {     public:        virtual int ReturnFive() = 0; }; in Microsoft’s world you have an additional choice – declare a pure ...

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Agile, .NET or C++ User Groups Can Win One Year of Sponsorship + Product Licenses and More

Typemock is running a big end of year contest for user groups with lots of great prizes. The giveaway is a ‘New Year’s Agile Care Package’ that includes a grand prize of one full year ...

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Want to work here? We’re hiring!

If you want to improve your foosball or Guitar Hero skills, play with unconventional build tools, and build the next generation of unit testing tools, we want YOU! We are currently looking for .NET and ...

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Enabling targeting MSTest projects to .NET 3.5 in Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Microsoft had just released Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (beta), and one of its features is allowing re-targeting Test Projects to .NET Framework 3.5. Unfortunately, not without jumping through hoops; if you try re-targeting ...

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Typemock Free Webinar: My First No-Fluff Agile Steps

Agile has gone mainstream. And let’s admit it – transitioning an entire development process into a new one is challenging, to say the least. But big changes start with small steps, which you can try ...

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