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How to convert Subversion repository to Mercurial (Hg)–it’s easier than you think!

Converting SVN to Mercurial, while keeping all the commit history, might sound like a hard thing to do, but in fact it isn’t! This functionality is already built into Mercurial, it’s just not enabled by ...

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Webinar Video and Slides: Be a legacy code unit test Ninja with Typemock Isolator

Here’s the recorded video of the Legacy Code Webinar we gave yesterday. Slides are below. Slides Be a legacy code Unit Test Ninja with Typemock Isolator from Typemock

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Free Webinar: Be a legacy code unit test ninja with Typemock Isolator

On Tuesday next week, I’ll be hosting a free webinar on using Typemock Isolator to write unit tests for some horribly untestable legacy code. (I originally wanted to call it “Can you Isolation framework do ...

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Typemock Isolator 6.0.6 is out!

A new Isolator version is out! This version is a maintenance release which includes support for Visual Studio 2010 profilers, as well as numerous bug fixes, some of which reported by you on our forums ...

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