Announcing: Isolator++ Has Launched!

After months of beta testing, we’ve arrived at that pivotal moment: We’ve released Isolator++!Isolator++

Isolator++ is the first tool Typemock offers the C++ developer community. It’s the first step we take to bring easy unit testing to developers in all languages. Isolator++ makes unit testing easy in a field where software development as a whole is hard. Giant codebases that exist for years can now be tested, without changes to the production code.

C/C++ is the language of choice for nearly 20% of code out there. Critical systems – medical, automobile, military, avionics – are all written in C/C++ because that’s the language of real-time performance. Those systems require the highest level of unit testing, and Typemock now helps take testing those systems to another level. If you write critical applications, now you can test them and provide the highest coverage of the code by tests.

In its first incarnation, Isolator++ is intended for Windows developers (I’m going to talk how we’ve come to decide on why that should be the first implementation in a separate post). This is only the beginning, and we’re already looking to see how Isolator++ can help on other platforms. (Did someone say iPhone?)

You can download Isolator++ from its product page. And don’t forget to check out the online documentation. I’ll be posting lots of new information, examples and gotchas daily on our blog to get you up and running.

For a limited time, we’re offering Isolator++ at an introductory price, so try it now!

Gil Zilberfeld