Isolator++ Beta News

The latest beta of Isolator++ is up on the site. Here are a couple of the features that you now can do:

  • Support for VS2010. Apart from the support for the IDE, the examples also contain a solution for VS2010, so you can look at what’s new there.
  • Faking global functions. If you look at the example on the Isolator++ product page, you’ll see how fopen is no longer a problem for testing.
  • Faking private methods. Nuff said.
  • Future objects : those pesky things you create with “new” in the code-under-test, can now be faked.
  • Live objects: Let’s not forget objects you create in your test, but are not fake, and you just want to change their method’s behavior.

And of course there are fixes of bugs and more features creeping in, as much as we can. Check out the beta and let us know what you think about it.