Typemock Sponsors Office (VSTO) Community Day – June 15th/ by Britt King

Location: Munich, Germany

The second annual Office (VSTO) Community Day will take place tomorrow, June 15th, at Microsoft’s offices in Munich, Germany. The free event will focus on SharePoint and Office development topics including:

• New features in VSTO 4.0 for Office 2010

• OpenXML File Format SDK

• Entending the Outlook Social Connector

• Programming examples using Outlook’s Explorer, Inspector, Ribbon and Form-Regions.Mario Meir-Huber

Typemock is proud to sponsor Office (VSTO) Community Day and recently sat down with Mario Meir-Huber, who organized the event with Lars Keller, to talk about what’s in store this year and his thoughts on technology development in the region.

TM: Mario, how did you come to organize Office (VSTO) Community Day?

MMH: In 2006 I started working on Microsoft’s Academic Relations Team, organizing events and doing technical trainings and presentations. I soon began organizing my own events and, after meeting Lars Keller at .NET Open Space in Leipzig last year, the idea for a VSTO Community Day was born. Lars and I organized the premiere event, which took place last year in Vienna, and it proved so successful that Microsoft committed to support future VSTO Community Day events in the DACH region.

TM: How would you describe the technology and development market in the DACH region?

MMH: The DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region is rather conservative in adopting new technologies such as Cloud Computing, TDD, etc. A lot of work is needed to convince people about these technologies but, once they are convinced, they will stay with it.

TM: What can attendees expect to learn at this year’s event?

MMH: This is the second time we’ve organized the event but the aim has remained the same: to establish the event and to raise the technical level. This year we added SharePoint and OpenXML topics, so we renamed it "Office Community Day" instead of "VSTO Community Day". Another goal is to show developers how to integrate processes with SharePoint and Office and to demonstrate how to improve development with these tools (that’s why we added a TDD Session).

Typemock is proud to sponsor Office (VSTO) Community Day and will be raffling two Typemock Isolator licenses at the event plus a special offer for all its attendees. Typemock Isolator not only supports Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 (including earlier versions) but also SharePoint 2010.

If you would like to know more about how Typemock Isolator makes unit testing so easy, or if you have an event you would like us to sponsor please email me at britt [at] typemock [dot] com and let’s chat about it.

-Britt King