Isolator 6.0.4 is out!

A new Isolator version is out! This version is a maintenance release which fixes several internal bugs, some of which reported by you on our forums and support email. These are the highlights:

  • Fixed several .NET 4.0 and MSBuild 4 compatibility issues
  • Fixed an issue which prevented running tests when linked with x64 profilers
  • Instances which are swapped with fakes using Isolate.Swap.NextInstance()/AllInstances() will now not go through garbage collection. This solved a crash if the GC ran a Finalize method which used uninstantiated data
  • Fixed a bug where setting an indexer of a faked instance more than once returned unexpected results
  • Better support for multithreaded testing
As always, this version is available for download on our site, so go ahead and upgrade now!