3 Days of Isolator Giveaways

ndc2010 We’re as thrilled about NDC 2010 as you are. There has already been some great sessions on testing today. From Richard Fennell’s “Putting Some Testing Into Your TFS Build” and “Making Manual Testing a Part of Your Development Process” to Roy Osherove’s “Code Excavations, Wishful Invocations, and Domain Specific Unit Test Frameworks.”

It doesn’t stop there either. Tomorrow’s testing line-up includes sessions on “Testable C#” and “The Deep Synergy Between Testability and Good Design” by Michael Feathers, Richard Fennell’s “Developing Testable Web Parts for SharePoint” as well as a session on “The Three Laws of TDD” from the one-and-only Uncle Bob Martin.

We’re celebrating all of this testing goodness with 3 Days of Isolator Giveaways on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be giving away Isolator licenses throughout the next 3 days (yes, including Saturday) via those two social media channels.

You could be “easy unit testing” in no time but you’ve got to follow or fan us for your chance to win.