.Net Cologne: Stefan Lieser on Isolation in brownfield projects

This Friday, 28th of May, the .Net community in Cologne, Germany has its annual event DotNet Cologne. This year Typemock sponsors the event, and gives a couple of licenses.

But more important than that: Stefan Lieser is going to give a presentation about using Typemock Isolator in brownfield projects. If you are on a project that’s more than 3 days old, that qualifies it as a brownfield project. And since you know unit testing is good for you, it’s a great opportunity to see how easy it is to test legacy code without changing it. You can read more about it on Stefan’s blog.

So, if you’re in the event, first of all have a great time. And go to Stefan’s presentation (currently scheduled for 2pm – skip lunch, it’s worth it!). You’ll get a chance to win one of the licenses, and you can actually tell us how it was and if you’d like to see more of these presentations.