Typemock Academy Thoughts and Ruminations

As you may have noticed, we are excited about this event. Typemock Academy is something we worked on for a while, and seeing it unfold is exciting to us. The academy is the culmination of a huge effort we all pulled off this month to commemorate 5 years of easy unit testing (and our company’s birthday).

So, with the dust beginning to settle down, I can think of a few key things to take away from this convention:
  • Typemock Test Lint is now officially released. The thought behind this tool is simple; everyone knows it’s important to do unit testing. Everyone wants to do it. Many people want to, but it’s hard to get started without a mentor to guide you through the process and help you understand if you are writing quality, helpful tests. Well, we took the brains of one Roy Osherove, who actually wrote the book about this stuff, and crystallized it to computerized form in order to provide anyone getting started with unit testing (or veterans who want to make sure they are doing things right) the advice you need. With Test Lint you are getting the unit testing expert that will note your mistakes, point them out to you and help you understand how to get better, all inside your Visual Studio. Oh, and it’s free.
  • The fascinating discussion panel featuring Roy, Uncle Bob Martin, Gil Zilberfeld and Richard Fennel is an instant classic in my mind. One thing us geeks like to do better than argue over where this field is going to, is hear the experts analyze it, and then argue over what they said :). Following the live tweet feed (check it out at #TypemockOslo) netted me some real gems (@unclebobmartin says that in a few years, you won’t be able to write code without unit tests because that’s where the language is going; @RoyOsherove “We have to cater for what the developers expect and not what we want”) – I can’t wait for the full video capture
  • The guys over there at Oslo are enjoying themselves so much it’s ridiculous. In order to make sure they don’t get ahead too much, we retaliated with a party of our own here at Typemock HQ
Stay tuned on the twitter feed for more – the academy is now gearing up for the evening party – a geek fiesta at the amazing Ice Bar, where the Typemock staff and guests get to duke it out in Rock Band, eat and drink excessively, all that in sub zero temperatures. An excellent finish to an excellent event.