Typemock Academy

So as you all may know Typemock are holding their first Academy event today in Oslo, And if to be more precise (if you are in the neighborhood and want to pop by) the event will be held at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway in the CJ Hambru Conference room on the 7th floor, Signs are posted. The Academy will feature some of the leading minds in the field of Unit-testing, here is the Event Agenda where you can find the schedule for the day and more info about the speakers.

This post will be constantly updated as things accrue, so stay tuned for updates.
Update 1
We come in peace
Well the guys have landed and all are feeling well, no rumors of Jet lags were heard (and god bless for that)
They even already know where they are going to be after the Academy (and hopefully prove that they are Drink Driven Developers )

You can RSVP to the After Party by clicking Here (this is a facebook event invetention).

there will be great prizes, music and lot’s of cool people to mingle with and meet, so come with a great mood and the thirst for PARTY!
And if you didn’t get the chance to RSVP to the Academy event, well you have till 13:30 (Local time GTM +1)
Update 2
The Russians Are Coming!

The Russians are coming! The Russians are Coming!

In fact they’re already here !

( What are they doing here anyway? propably heard about the party)

in Fact we can’t come in!

The Russian president is here, leaving the hotel as I type but I got stuck outside. The police don’t let the people in or out for another 10 minutes.

Maybe the Russian president is interested in Unit Testing and wants to spread the Unit Testing message to the Russian people, it would have been something like:”We found the way to make Russia’s life Simpler and much more easy to cope with, it’s the Revolution of Easy-Unit Testing!” (people applause, me waking up from my day dreams, oh well)

update 3
It Has Begun

7 minutes ago Eli Lopian Founder and CEO @typemock opened the first Typemock Academy

we will be updating you with further info as more data unveils.
Eli founded Typemock in 2005. A well-known figure in the agile and test driven development arenas, with over 17 years of R&D experience at large companies such as AMDOCS (NYSE:DOX) and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). In these roles, Eli was responsible for optimizing the development process and led the transformation of the development environment to support efficient processes and tools. Eli frequently posts on his blog regarding innovative concepts, advanced development techniques and testing methodologies.

Gil Zilberfeld is up

With over 15 years of experience in Software Development, Gil worked with Range of aspects of Software Development from coding to team management, and implementation of process. While becoming a Role Model Gil, Recently, replied to his crowd and made his first steps as an opinion leader in the Unit Testing Industry, he often blog and talks about unit testing, encouraging his followers and developers in all stages, to implement unit testing as a core practice in their projects.

Gil Zilberfeld explains about the teammate and giving the audience a sneak preview of the new Logo.

Follow the Twitter feed #typemockOslo and on our twitter account @typemock
update 4
Richard Fennel @blackmarble

Richard Fennel

I am the Engineering Director of the Black Marble Ltd a Microsoft Gold Partner based in the North of England. Black Marble specialises in BizTalk & SharePoint based business automation. As Engineering Director I am responsible for the delivery of systems and tools to allow my company, and our clients, to deliver solutions efficiently. All Black Mable’s development activity is underpinned by Visual Studio Team System an agile process model. I am an MVP for Visual Studio ALM (nee Team System) and a Certified Scrum Master I am a regular presenter at community events in the UK and Ireland (and the rest of the world given a chance) where my most common subject is software testing and the development process.

things Richard said:
“typemock speeds up our development cycle and returns its costs in no time”
“using Typemock Isolator helps design sharepoint list”
“the holy grail: develop #sharepoint without sharepoint – we use Isolator”
“we don’t want unhappy developers – you need solutions for these problems”
“the value of Typemock Isolator greatly outweighs the cost”
By the way – we’ll be uploading all the presentations from #TypemockOslo to our site by Thursday, so if you’ve missed anything, grab it then
Here is a link to the presentation by Richard, with a PDF version of his slides.
Go grab it!
update 5
The Panel Is UP!

The panel is about to begin, it will feature Uncle Bob Martyn, Richard Fennel and Roy Osherov.
Once the panel is over the BIG PARTY IS ON!
It will take place in the ICE BAR (image above), if you wish to join then send your RSVP to Tal via: tal@typemock.com or tweet about it @typemock (#typemockoslo).
The party will feature a Wii Competition great music, and LOTS OF ALCOHOL!!! (eat well before you come) :)

A 12seconds TV short vid of the Panel

#TypeMockOslo panel dicussion with Roy and Robert =) #TypeMock on 12seconds.tv

update 6
So what did we have till now?
Typemock launched their new product Test Lint and you get a first look on the logo:

Vagif Abilov introduced his other talent’s by singing the Mockup version of the famous Beatles song:”We can Work it out”, yet his version is named “We can Mock it out” (now this is something you must see live)
Yet besides his extremely creative vocal skills Vagif spoke about the road to true unit testing.

During his speak several things were raised;

  • Is the Intellitest is part of the Typemock Isolator Product?
  • Who is interested in a tool that runs Unit-Tests in the background as you type?
  • What coverage should we strive for? Roy Osherov once said that the number is 60%, on what Vagif replied by saying that now he understands why for beginners it’s true
  • Yet vagif was speaking about his vision of 100% coverage
  • Vagif states a point saying that his previous thoughts of Intellitest being a tool only for beginners is not longer correct and that it is very suitable for professionals
And in conclusion adding that the Typemock Isolator is one of two VS Add=Ins that every developer in his team has, adding that following the Typemock tempo can be demanding as they are going forward very fast. and on the technical side he flatters Typemock saying that their respond time in terms of Developing new features and fixing bugs and errors is the fastest response time he ever encountered from any one else he works with.
Avi Kaye presented the new Typemock Partners plan with a short and punchy straight to the point talk.
Tal Druyan added to the talk with all the Marketing options and Tools that the new Typemock Partners are getting.
Besides and entertaining Musical, the guys had the Bill Gates incident (when he got the blue screen of death), the guys had to reboot while presenting the new Test Lint tool.
And after all that talk there is the need for some Food for Thought

And we have some Quotes and other mentions from the Panel:

  • “I got caught up with listening to myself” – Uncle Bob
  • “Happy with the adaptation of Unit Testing” – Uncle Bob
  • “Perhaps with should Shun the 9-5 ears” – Roy Osherov
  • “It would take 10-20 years…” – Uncle Bob
  • “Many developers don’t know about TDD and really don’t care” – Richard Fennell
  • “Great question, I think Richard is the best to answer this one” – Roy Osherov
  • “We have to cater what the developers expect and not what we want” – Roy Osherov
  • “Can’t we make TDD like the iPhone?” – Gil Zilberfeld
  • “Most people we hire don’t come across TDD till we mention it” – Richard Fennell
  • “Typemock is good! it increases the adaptation rate” – Uncle Bob

And many other questions that went through the Twitter feed #TypemockOslo.

All the unanswered questions will be gathered and brought to light on the blog, so you have things to wait for.
Now while the Typemocians are getting ready to get s**t faced in the Ice Bar (http://www.icebar.no), and you are all welcome to join them, just RSVP through the Twitter @typemock or by e-mail to: tal@typemock.com
The rest of the guys back in Israel had their own celebration

Well it’s not the ICE-BAR, but you could surely see that they are having fun there :)

At least Keren is :P , and you can see our local Allstar Roy Osherov enjoying his beer after the exciting Guest Panel.
We hope to get some inside images from the after party (hopefully some controversial stuff)