Typemock Academy – The Event

Wow. Didn’t expect it to be like that. I’m a cynic and pessimistic by nature, and therefore assumed the worst is going to happen at the Typemock Academy.
Wow. Again. First of all, the team who managed the event did a marvelous job, which caused me to actually think “this is a real, proper, professional event” and it’s all about Typemock.
Then, at 1pm people started getting in, one then more. At 6 Eli and I were talking about how this is the actual point in time with the lowest confidence- Would the people how confirmed really be there?
Yes they were. More and more people came in, got their goody bag, we talked about stuff, and we began the event. Presentation after presentation, Vagif Abilov playing a song on mocking, Richard Fennell talks about how Isolator helps his business. So cool. An honest to god, professional event. And then the panel, which I worked hard to prepare for, but took off to other directions, and was so interesting.
Later on, on the cool icebar, with plenty of alcohol, Guitar Hero and an amazing company. The day after, meeting and talking to a few of the people face to face.
Let’s do that again.