C# is yesterday’s news!

You heard right – C# is the programming language of yesterday, the script of last week, the code of dinosaurs and is dying as we speak. Just look at the facts – Microsoft .Net developer numbers are on the decline, Google Android is everywhere you look – C++ is the new old kid on the block, and it is ushering a bright new future.

At Typemock we are the first to acknowledge new trends, to know which way the wind is blowing and any other number of clichéd sayings – we KNOW that C#’s days are numbered, and that C++ is the future. And, to put our money where our mouth is – We’re putting Isolator out to pasture.

That’s right – we’re getting rid of Typemock Isolator, and making way for the brand new Typemock Isolator++!

No more boring old C# unit tests. We’re done with pandering to spoiled C# developers. We’re taking on the brave new world of C++, where Android, Mobile and instrument developers everywhere are waiting for a solution to all their unit testing problems.
Join us in a bright new future!