Introducing Typemock Test Lint

Earlier today we released a new product unto the unsuspecting world – Test Lint is its name.



Test Lint (Beta): Find common problems in your unit test code IMAGE

We believe in unit testing and test driven development, and we also know how hard it is to learn to write proper unit tests that are readable, maintainable and trustworthy. That’s why we created Test Lint – the world’s first and only coding advisor for unit tests in visual studio 2010.

What does it do?

Test Lint parses your code as you type it, and looks for common problems in your unit test code – from missing asserts to having tests depend on other tests – Test Lint will notify you on the spot about each possible issue with a visible queue right inside your editor, right next to the link where the issue appears.

The Art of (Good) Unit Testing

Writing unit tests is easy. Writing good unit tests – that are readable, maintainable and trust-worthy is a bit harder if you’ve never done it before. So we took Roy Osherove (author of The art of unit testing) and asked him to write down, based on his massive experience with unit testing, common problems that people do when they first start unit testing. Then we put that knowledge inside a visual studio 2010 extension– it’s like having your own personal coach letting you know of problems as you type them, really.

What issues does it detect?

Currently Test Lint finds a very short but also very common set of problems:

· Missing asserts in your tests

· Multiple asserts verifications on different objects in the same test

· Tests that invoke other test methods

· Logic inside unit tests (loops, Ifs,Switchs..)

More rules will be added soon, and in upcoming versions, you will even be able to write your own rules based on our parsing infrastructure.

Works with all major frameworks

Test Lint will detect issues in tests written with:

· Microsoft Test Framework

· NUnit

· MbUnit

· XUnit.NET

· CsUnit

Getting Started

To get started with Test Lint:

· Download the latest installation package (in vs 2010 package form)

· Double click on the package to install into visual studio 2010 (RC and upwards)

· If Vs 2010 is already running, you should restart it

· Now that it’s installed and running, just open existing tests code, or start writing new test code.

· Since this is a public beta, we don’t want you to use a non stable version for too long. You’ll be asked to download a new version within 30 days of the first usage.