April’s Upcoming Events

April is almost here, and we’re going to be celebrating 5 years of easy unit testing (translation: It’s Typemock’s birthday!). There’re going to be plenty of events, so stay tuned.

Just for starters: In the next few days, we’re going to plant an Easter egg somewhere on our site. If you’re lucky to find it, you’ll have a chance to win a free Isolator license.

And in two weeks we’re going to do a live recording of Typemock TV called “Ask the experts”. You can ask us anything (just remember, we specialize in unit testing), and we’ll probably answer. If you already have a burning question you want us to answer, you can send it right now to social@typemock.com.

There’s much more coming up. Follow us here, and on Twitter. It’s going to be a packed month.