February Newsletter – Happy Valentine!

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Typemock Isolator 2010 Launch

With the upcoming launch of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010, and with so many requests from our community for Visual Studio 2010 support, we’re proud to announce the launch of Isolator 2010, packed with new features and ready for .Net 4.0 action.
Unit testing doesn’t get much easier than this. Typemock continues to innovate unit testing with the latest version of Isolator 2010, which pushes the boundaries even further. With automatic code completion, the ability to fake the new .Net 4.0 dynamic types and full Visual Studio 2010 integration (yes, all Isolator features work in VS2010), it’s a must have for all professional developers.


Valentine’s Day Presents!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the importance of spending less time unit testing and more time living, Typemock is offering a very special, but very brief promotion. On February 14th and 15th,
we will give one free Isolator 2010 license with every purchase of four.
There is no limit, so if you order four, you get 1 free. You order 400, you get 100 free. You get the idea.

More details will be posted on our blog


Every Wednesday in February one of our twitter followers will win a free Isolator 2010 license.


Throughout the month, we will continue to announce new sweepstakes and promotions. Just last week we gave the first 10 people that tweeted back on our T-shirt promotion free "Legalize Unit Testing" t-shirts, including free shipping. So please check our blog regularly for details and follow us on Twitter @typemock.


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