Designing for testability: The good, the bad and the ugly

On February 13, 2010 in Microsoft premises in Prague, there will be a series of ongoing short presentations about .NET.

Gil Zilberfeld will lecture online @ 13:30 CET “Designing for testability: The good, the bad and the ugly”

If you design your application for testability, you’ll have a better architecture, components will be decoupled, and the sun will rise every morning. But is testability really the goal? You will want to watch out from taking it too far.
It’s time to talk about what designing for testability really is – the good and the bad. Your architecture and your project can benefit or suffer from the choices you make. In this webinar session, Gil Zilberfeld from Typemock is going to discuss the pros, cons and alternatives.

Gil Zilberfeld has been in software since childhood, starting with Logo turtles. After 15 years in commercial software companies, he has vast experience in development and development practices. Currently Gil is the Technical Evangelist of Typemock, promoting unit testing and some incredibly cool tools.