“…I want Typemock. It makes life so much better.”


This past weekend I received an Email from Roy Oshorove, the email was CC’d to the entire company and the message:

“read how he saw it. also – he gives a great idea for an intellitest feature. see if you can figure out what it is!” and he attached a link to a Blog Post Written By Brandon D’Imperio  “Unit Testing Made Easy with the power of typemock”

It was pleasure to read and as our Development Manager said, it was almost emotional to get an outside perspective, that we not only help the developers with our great tools, but that our product is exactly the product that they were looking for, everything they can ask for and more…


Brandon wrapped up his post with these words

“I did not have to alter my code to fit the tests. I did not have to think about testability when writing the code. I did not need any special assembly attributes. I want TypeMock. It makes life so much better.”


 Doron Peretz,Typemock


and our Development Manager, couldn’t ignore it, and Emailed all of us

“This is so exciting I am getting emotional. This is exactly the vision we had in mind to lower the barrier for people who want to unit test with our tools. Great job, team!" said Doron Peretz – Development Manager @ Typemock

Thank you guys for sharing your success stories with Typemock

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