Typemock Isolator 2010 released

It’s time for another Typemock Isolator release, and this time it’s special – a fully blown major version! Isolator version 6.0, dubbed Typemock Isolator 2010, includes support for Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4, a dedicated Silverlight unit testing solution and more. those of you who want to get it right away just click here.

Since the last release we’ve added quite a few nifty features:

You might have noticed the lack of x64/x86 installer – we’ve merged both installers so that you won’t have to download two files anymore.

This version also has the much requested Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 support:
Both Isolator and Intellitest work flawlessly in the new Visual Studio, you can fake dynamic objects and use other .NET 4.0 features.

we have continued our work on Typemock Intellitest adding new functionality along with some UI improvements (icons!)
SilverUnit – the SilverLight unit testing solution is now part of Isolator installer.

AutoDeploy – we’ve improved our MSBuild/NAnt tasks and now it possible to deploy Isolator on a build machine without needing to install or register it first.


As always we’ve fixed issues found in previous versions see the release notes in the user manual for more details.


You can download the version on our download page.