Testing server-side AJAX functionality with Ivonna

This is a guest post by Artem Smirnov, author of Ivonna. Ivonna is part of Isolator 2010 for web developers.

I’m implementing AJAX testing functionality in Ivonna, and would like to know your opinions.

I’ve implemented a possibility to test Page methods and Web services. The API is like this:

var result = session.ExecuteAjaxMethod<string>("AJAX/WebService.asmx", "HelloWorld");

The generic parameter is the return type of the method (works with custom types too). The first argument is the path, the second is the method name. As for the arguments, they are set in the optional third parameter. Currently it takes an IDictionary<string, object>, but I was thinking about an anonymous type, just like in Asp.Net MVC.

Another feature I’m planning is the UpdatePanel support. Here I’m stuck a little bit: I can simulate the correct request and obtain the correct response, but other than that, what do you usually want to test when using the UpdatePanel?

And the last question is, do you think it is worth the effort do support more advanced AJAX scenarios, such as custom controls etc? I’ve got a feeling that most of the hardcore TDD guys have moved to MVC, and the rest just don’t need such advanced functionality.

Your opinions are welcome.