January Newsletter- Presenting ISOLATOR 2010

Succeeding with Typemock
Fiserv is a market-leading provider of online financial services. Fiserv’s applications enable financial institutions to deliver industry-leading online banking services to its customers.

Fiserv focuses on high-quality software, enabling the launch of new products and services faster while achieving their desired ROI. Their challenge was

twofold: ensuring that the code quality stays high & facilitating the adoption of quality development practices. Together with Typemock’s solutions, Fiserv managed to increase the number of tests by 500%, the test coverage increased in 50% and the tests were 25% faster to write – all this within two months

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Presenting Isolator 2010

Are you thinking of upgrading to Visual Studio 2010? Already writing code in .Net 4.0?

With Isolator 6.0, you can now test your code easily also in Microsoft’s upcoming IDE. The new Isolator supports .Net 4.0, the upgraded runtime:

Use the new dynamic types to create a dynamic fake.
If you’re using default arguments, Isolator supports that as well.
Intellitest, Isolator’s productivity tool helps you write tests quickly and easily.
Isolator now supports SharePoint 2010!

Isolator remains the only solution for testing SharePoint applications. Now with the new and improved SharePoint server, you can continue to test the applications that are so hard to test otherwise.

Finally, we’ve merged the 32 bit and 64 bit installers into one installer. You won’t need to guess which installer is needed, just click and automatically get the correct files.

Start the new decade with a new version of Isolator, the easiest way to unit test.

Click here to download and learn more

Did you know?
There’s no need to change your computer clock for testing expirations.
You can fake DateTime.Now to return any value you want!