Why you should write unit tests

Last week, I re-listend to the interview I did with Andrew Woodward at SPC. And something struck me emotionally. (And no, I’m not going to discuss here the relationship between me and Andrew).

To quote Andrew:

“[we’re] looking at ways … to make the code better so that testers can focus on the scenarios and complex tests rather than dealing with the ’stupid bugs’

Stupid bugs.

Stupid bugs are the ones responsible for you staying at work late to fix them.

Stupid bugs are the ones that drive the project manager crazy, because the dev team didn’t catch them before the build.

Stupid bugs are the ones that are found out immediately when the QA fires up the application and starts testing, and then immediately return it back to the developers.

Stupid bugs hurt. They are the eggs on your face. These are the ones that should have and could have been found and avoided earlier. Unit tests are the number-one cure.

Please share in the comments a stupid bug story. We all have them.