“Yesterday’s news” got a whole new meaning.

Last Wednesday, I went to a seminar that showed just how much influence bloggers & Twitter have these days.

It was quite amazing to see how many companies haven’t realized this yet – some didn’t even believe that people used Google to find more information about them.

The seminar talked about the need combine both ways – ‘classical media’ along with the online presence to interact with your users, to get the feedback we need to make our tools the best possible.

It was really interesting to see the added value that bloggers and Twitters have on different campaigns, and I learned that no matter how much we twitter and blog today, things move so fast, that you constantly need to stay on top of the information flow, because the term “Yesterday’s news” has a whole new meaning.

Hearing the lectures at the seminar made me think “we are doing that, we use twitter and we have our own blog & forum – we are part of this new generation already and we use this platforms quite regularly”… we still can do better of course, as they said – it’s moving real fast and you need to catch up… so I guess that now we need to keep that in mind and constantly twit, blog, talk and be.

All I have left to say is thanks Peter Shackleton from éclat Marketing for a very interesting talk, and Sandy from Conference ART for organizing the seminar and inviting me to participate.