Typemock Isolator 5.4.3 released

Today we’ve released a new Isolator version – those of you who want to get it right away just click here.

After releasing Intellitest last week, we received a lot of excellent feedback from our customers, both how it helps writing tests and issues it causes. We’ve worked hard over the past week to release a new version which fixes some of the issues you raised.

But that’s not all – we’re also releasing a new extensibility model, if you want Intellitest to create custom suggestions, now you can do it. Stay tuned; we promise to tell you all about soon.

Of course we also have a few bug fixes and features as well:

  • Fixed a bug with True Properties that caused rare test failures
  • Solved a few bugs with resolving methods on classes with type constraints
  • Verify.WasCalledWithExcatArguments() provides better error message when Equals() is not implemented in the originating argument type
  • You can use Isolate.Invoke.Event() from inside a DoInstead() delegate


So what are you waiting for go to our site and download it today.

And we’d like to thank our customers for helping us make our products better.