Twitter Geek Quiz – Show off your geekness on Twitter – #GeekQuiz

Over the years, there have been many geek traditions, from the early days where stone age geeks tried adding Bluetooth to their…well…stone, to our days where geeks gather in many events like Comic-con, Sci-Fi movie premiers and WOW detox support groups. And now, Typemock is starting a new tradition – the “Twitter developers Geek Quiz”.

Are you a developer and a geek? Do you know invaluable information like the name of the main character in Half-life*, who created Star Wars** or what is a static method***? Come to Typemock’s “Twitter developers Geek Quiz”, check out if your knowledge is as good as you think and win cool prizes.

The “Twitter developers Geek Quiz” uses Twitter (obviously) as a quiz platform for this event. This quiz will include questions on geek trivia and software development trivia. Everyone is welcome to join!

So what do I have to do to participate?

All you have to do to join is Tweet any message with the quiz’s hash tag – #GeekQuiz. The quiz is limited to the first 400 people who tweet the hash-tag, so be quick!

Event details:
On 14-Oct-2009, at 3pm EDT / 7pm GMT follow the hash tag, you will see questions from the @typemock account. Be in the first to answer and get points, be amongst the ones with the highest points and win many cool geek prizes like a WIFi detecting T-shirt, an XBOX and many more geek prizes.

This quiz will also include special bonus questions, asked by Ron Jeffries (Author of ‘Extreme Programming Installed’), Andy Hunt (Author of ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’) and Roy Osherove (Author of ‘The Art Of Unit testing), answer the bonus questions correctly and get a signed book by the author.

Make sure to follow Typewmock’s Twitter to get all the updated info on this event.

So what are you waiting for? Make a tweet with the hash tag #GeekQuiz now!

*Gordon Freeman

** George Lucas *

** A global method