Isolator 5.4.2 released – introducing Intellitest Productivity tool

Today we’ve released a new Isolator version – those of you who want to get it right away just click here.

The feature we’re really psyched up about is Intellitest.

Intellitest is first of a series of tools that helps write better unit tests, faster. Starting with fake objects can be difficult and frustrating so we aimed to simplify the process of creating a fake object.

Intellitest auto completes and generates code declaration for you! In this first version we added the following functionality:

Whenever the caret is placed inside a method call, Intellitest will suggest faking the current argument for you. Intellitest will create the faking code, using statements and add references to your test project – how about that for productivity?

And the really great thing is that this feature is an integral part of Isolator (at least for now) – so download it, use it and let us know what you think and how we can make this tool even better.